In memory Patron     : Mr. John Qualm

Club Vet  : Mrs. Ilona Wegman-Vleeshakker


Chair                : mrs. Tonia Vergunst

In memory        : mr. Jan Kops

Treasurer         : mrs. Tonia Vergunst

Board member : mrs. Mariska Williams

Material master :mr. Arno van Baal



Germany            : mrs. Tanja Fenn

Sweden              : mrs. Helena Gunvik

Czech Republic  : mrs. Helena Luzna

Belgium               : Vacant

England               : Vacant

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 Recognized Judges at the RCR

  Ratten                   : mrs. Mariska Williams NL

                               : mrs. Franziska Staschel, DE

 Syrische Hamsters: mrs, Nadine Conrad, DE

 Gerbils                   : Judges from different countries

 Those Judges approve with experience and without preference..