May 2012

During the Easterweekend, Rodent Club Rattonia was present with a promotional booth in Ghent, where the ‘Beestjes en Baasjes-Fair’
attracted as much as 13.100 visitors!

On April 15th we were unexpectedly invited to attend the ‘Spring Fair’ at Julianadorp. The weather conditions were very disappointing, cold!,
so the rats remained in the car and occasionally strolled along the dashboard, much to the excitement of the passing visitors. Next time, the attendance
was certainly worth repeating, we hope the weather will be more agreeable.

On April 26th the registration started for the Rattonia Cup exhibition, part of the Exoknaag show in Houten on June 3rd , our first major event.

On May 6th Rodent Club Rattonia gives a promotional presentation for the members of ‘IVN West-Friesland’ in Bovenkarspel. The IVN,
Association for Nature and Environmental Education, is a national organisation of volunteers.

On the 12th and 13th of May our chairwoman and her rats will attend a major show in the Westphalen Halle in Dortmund, Germany. They will promote our
Rodent Club of course; many participants to this major German event are already members of Rodent Club Rattonia.
On May 19th the registration starts for the small rodent show in Aalten and because two other societies did not respond to the invitation to organize the show,
we will do so and gladly leave our calling card as well.

Furthermore we will attend the small rodent show in Bochov, Czech Republic, on the 26th of May. Again many club members will be present.

Busy, busy, busy.

The remaining time will be needed to prepare the catalogue and make the finishing preparations for our first major club event, the

Rattonia Cup

The board wishes all of us a successful show and a good time in Houten.