Here we are again.

Our website has been out of the air a couple of days and due to the hard work of our genius webmaster Juliet, we very proudly make a comeback with a completely new site. Do check the new, cool effects.

So here we are again.

Did we go anywhere? Yes of course. We presented and promoted our club throughout the country and were in Aalten, Heeten, Hoorn and Harderwijk and went to Ghent, Belgium on the 21st of October for the Belgian Exoknaag. As a young organization you have to make yourself known to the big public and it is quite fun to do. So we travelled a lot and not just us, Tonia’s rats went along and it’s endearing to see how our clever, stray rodents , attract a lot of attention, from children and adults, at the promotional booth.

With great pleasure we read about it in publications and on the various forums on the internet, we received personal reactions of people and a growing demand from associations and institutions to give presentations. Even the KLN took note and in the monthly of October, page 63, we were mentioned and a nice picture of our promotional booth was added. In the same monthly we were also pleasantly surprised by a striking interview with our patron Joh. Qualm.

Here we are again.

We haven’t been idle the past couple of months. Hunting for sponsors, we acquired some fine show tables and as much as 58 so called show cages: we are the first small rodent organization with our own showcases to show guinea pigs and rabbits (even the big Flemish ones!) and if necessary even chickens, so prepare to be surprised in Houten 2ndof December! There and then we will also show you the prototype of the new showtank for small rodents we developed: The RCR 1.We believe that the showing of small rodents can use a boost and be more conveniently arranged. It will only be a matter of time and of course money.

Here we are again,

busy preparing for the first Annual General Meeting and Clubshow, both due in 2013 and on a very special location. Again be surprised, we’ll keep you informed.
Here we are again: The Joh. Qualm Cup, December 2nd in Houten. This time organized not just for small rodents, but also for guinea pigs and rabbits. We occupy a nice and spacious place in the Expo and can rely on a effective team to prepare everything December 1st and to run the show December 2nd. Preparations are well underway, demand programs sent to the relevant associations, Internet forums are being followed and questions answered. Registrations started on October 20th and closes November 19th, please check the website, inschrijving /registration for further details and enter your animals in time. Then we have to take care of the catalogue: it should be correct, clear, readable and in time presented to the show-secretary. As you may have read, applicants will get a free wristband, but as we take no mail delivery failure risks, these wristbands will be obtainable from one of our crew on December 2nd from 07.00 o’clock at the back door of the Expo. With you, we look forward to the 3rd Joh. Qualm Cup event and are pleased we already have commitments to participate from about five other countries. Hope to see you soon, until then.