June 2012

WE DID IT! The 1st big Rodent Club Rattonia Club event has passed successfully. Despite the fact we knew what we were getting into, 

it was all quite exiting. We are proud, and a bit relieved as well, it was a successful social event. The judging area for the animals, the fancy rats,
mice, hamsters and gerbils in all the diverse varieties attracted a lot of attention as did the area where the presentation of the chinchilla’s,
hamsters, mice, chickens and cuddly stray rats and the children’s playground, the railway track was.

The sales booth of Rebas was a real eye catcher too: they brought their finest rodents and many customers, new or regular, were delighted.

The organiser of the animal event, Jan van het Meer placed his showcases at our disposal. Therefore Rolf Captijn could give an impressive
presentation with over 30 chinchillas. This was so successful that we decided to ‘adopt’ the chinchillas for judging on December 2nd during
the Joh Qualm Cup . Because of the fact that these large showcases are also available in December, guinea pigs can be entered as well.

Please take a note, on December 2nd the Exoknaag will be considerably larger. Rebas and Rodent Club Rattonia will join forces and together
organize the largest show in Europe for all sorts of rodents and other furred animals: the Joh Qualm Cup. As no other Joh has earned his merits
in this area, he is advisor to Rebas, patron of the Rodent Club Rattonia, master and honorary member of the KLN and as such THE rodent authority.
It is an honour and pleasure to work for, with and under this striking personality.

Our next show will take place in Aalten on the 23rd of June. During the farm and Country Fair we will join forces with another association and organize
a small rodent show as part of the SLC (Special Club of Longhaired Guinea Pigs) Show and Presentation on 22nd ,23rd and 24th of June.
The Guinea Pigs will be judged on June 24th. June. 22nd and 24th we will give several small rodent presentations, on Sunday 24th supported by
two judges.

After this show it is finally time to reflect on the existence, growth and development of our organisation. Much time is spent on these invisible,
but nonetheless very important issues.

We’ll keep you updated……………