Third Newsletter November 2012.

It took a while but the final subscription numbers for the Joh. Qualm Cup are in. It was quite a lot of work this time and our show secretary mr. Mark Hissink worked overtime updating the existing, but inadequate, show administrative program. Next shows will only profit!

The total number of registrations adds up to: THREEHUNDREDANDEIGHTYONE entries, 80 participants from 8 countries.

Species                      Judge(s)

155 fancy rats  :  Mirka Versela, Rian van Andel,  Dr. Stephan Flechsig 

71 Mice           :  Joh. Qualm, Katja van Rossum                        

54 Guinea pigs  :  Jan Schop, Manuela Eilander                       

39 Syrian hamsters   :  Mark Kalberg

24 Campbelli dwarf hamsters :   Mark Kalberg

 9 russian dwarf hamsters     :   Mark kalberg

14 gerbils                           :   Mark Kalberg

13 rabbits  :   Joh Qualm

 2 degoes   :  Aurelie Dengis

Please Note you'll have to be present with your animals before 09.00 o'clock. At 09.30 o'clock the rear- and side entrances or trade exits will be closed, you'll miss your (free) access wrist-band and on top of it all you'll have to wait till  10 o'clock sharp, when the main entrance opens (Queue!).

We'll welcome you all on december 2nd and wish we'll all have a very enjoyable day.