Newsletter May 2014

In less than a month’s time the Joh Qualm Cup show will take place at the Farm and Country Fair at Aalten. We fully recommend to check out the website of the Fair. Participants and otherwise interested will find it will be a huge event: it attracts more than 35.000 paying visitors each year.

We are proud to host the Rodent Show on this event. We are standing in the so called ‘Stroller Museum’. A big improvement, a larger and more luxurious accommodation for the Joh Qualm Cup.

On June 7th, application closes and on June 10th all payments must be in on the account of the RCR treasurers account. Participant from non-euro countries can pay their entry fee’s cash on arrival at the Show. Be sure to pay in time, it ensures that you get your free entry tickets and parking and other discount cards in time.

The Fair management has granted permission to the participants to sell animals on the day of the Show, but on the explicit condition that the animals must be well accommodated and properly treated and cared for. It is not allowed to sell large quantities of animals, as on a commercial basis.

Because we see Joh Qualm Cup participants as our valued guests, you can make free use of our coffee, tea, soda-, or juice bar during judging hours.

During the Fair we will give our usual presentation with stray rats.

Furthermore we present the third edition of the German rat standard. This international Standard, includes all the usual colour varieties, so your animals will not be classified in the ‘’not-recognised’ class or, even worse, as unsatisfactory. This Standard is our Club standard and the translation in Dutch is only and exclusively available at the RCR booth for the price of € 25.-.

You may obtain the Standard in two languages, German and English by ordering at our booth, but these versions are not in stock.

We wish you all a nice day.