Rodent Club Rattonia is back with a show op de Exoknaag!
This years' edition of the Exoknaag on June 5th 2016 will be expanded with a show! This extra edition of the Exoknaag wasn't all that busy last year, lacking something to draw the public in. This year Rodent Club Rattonia will organize a rodent show to liven up this June's edition of the fair!
The show will be open for the following species:
Fancy rats young until 5 months
Gerbils young until 5 months
Hamsters and dwarf hamsters young until 16 weeks
Fancy mice young until 10 weeks
All known varieties will be accepted, with the exemption of mutations mentioned below. It is recommended to bring a standard for the newer and less common varieties.
Please note!: for rats Hairless, Tailless and Dwarf are not allowed! For all other species Hairless is not allowed. In case of any doubt the show secretary will decide. This decision is final.
The entry fee is €2,- per animal, and €5,- for a catalogue. 1 catalogue is obligatory per person.
Members of RCR who have paid their membership fee for 2016 before the start of the show will recieve a discount of €1,50 on the catalogue. If you are unsure if you have paid yet, you can email Tonia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Haven't paid yet, or do you still need to become a member? Please do so before entering, and you can still get this discount. Send an email to Tonia for more information.
Entry opens wednesday, May 11, And closes May 24. The entry form can be found on the homepage of the Rodent Club.
Judges will be announced after entry closes.
Participants must be at the show no later than 9.00. If you are delayed, please phone Tonia: 0031 6 398 475 95.
You must enter the expo building through the back entrance
The show will start around 10.00, and the award ceremony will be around 16.00. Depending on the number of animals this may be a bit later or earlier.
We can always use some extra help to turn our show into a success!
Are you interested in helping out as a writer at the judging table, or as a carrier at the show? You can mention this on your entry form.
When the show is over we will need some extra hands to help tidying up. If you would like to help with this, please let us know at the show secretary's table on the day itself.
We hope to see you at our show!
RCR board members