In connection with the coronavirus we can not organize more events in our Houten on June 7 (government).

This unfortunately brings along a lot of discomfort for many exhibitors as well as our organization.

We are committed to this maximum limit, therefore we decided to put the whole exhibition from June to the fair-September.


What does this mean for you?

-           If you booked and already paid for the Fair in June (or from the canceled Fair in April), we put your reservation and payment through to September you do not have to pay once. (or take the original paid invoice with you to the fair.)

-           If you have reserved for the fair in April or June, but has not yet paid, we put your booking to September and you can use the invoice you received for April or June to pay for the fair  in September.

-           Furthermore, your bill will expire in September, if you had set aside for both fairs.


If you do not want your reservation will be put through to September or might be prevented by other means, then let us know in response to this email so that we, together with you and the insurance to find an appropriate solution.


If we receive no response from you, we assume that you agree to transfer your booking until September.


Sincerely / With friendly greetings,


To Ter Team