The Rodent Club Rattonia organize on Juni 2021

                     Rattonia Bokaal

Expo Center, Meidoornkade 24, Houten, The Netherlands,
  Registration will open on ..., 2021 and

                             close on ...,  2021


Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <  with;

Name and address, which animal, which color / drawing, is it Male or Female, is it Young or Old.

Per animal 2 euros, Catalog 3,50 for member, 5,00 visiter.

Judges will be announced so soon when we know.
The following animals can be registered and Sizes showbox.

 Tame rats

Young up to 5 months
box 35 x 23.5 cm 

Dwarf hamsters

Young up to 16 weeks
 box 18 x 14 cm

Syrian hamsters

Young up to 16 weeks
box 29.5 x 20.5 


Young up to 16 weeks
box 18 x 14 cm       

The show boxes may be larger, but certainly not smaller

The show boxes must be clean and provided with 5 cm of ground cover. Little bit straw or hay in it. No hammocks or cottages.

The RCR provides  fruit / vegetables for the animals.

During the show,  the show boxes can not be opened, not even by the owner.

Should this be necessary, report this to an employee or to Tonia,

they will then walk with you

Tenderers must be present before 09:30.

If there are any problems,please contact Tonia,

mobile: 0031 (0) 6 398 475 95

Please pay the registration  for the show at:

AFA Vergunst

IBAN: NL24RABO0306694999

 Att: RCR

The team wishes everyone a very pleasant day.